Product Design (MA)

Artist Name

Diego Zamora

Title of Work

Desirous; A Print and Play Boadrgame about consume.


Desirous is an enjoyable metaphor of the paradox of the consume system we live in. Desirous could be, perhaps, yet another innocent Board-game.

Living planet index is declining, Humanity's footprint is on the rise... guess what!? Satisfaction remains at an stable level at it's best. Has the time for rethinking our own living styles and aspirations come yet?

It has been proven that material fulfilment its not directly related to happiness or even well being. Desirous nourishes on the expression of the self through consumerism identity mechanisms.

Anti-consumerism is close to become mainstream, which offers opportunities to play with the paradox of selling anti-sale objects. But, the most subtle swifts in the consumer society trends indicate the existence of educated individuals who do not only appreciate goods but the morals, ethics and environmental facts around a purchase. Thus, casting new light over the field of contemporary consume.

intends to create a room for reflexive, critical and analytical activity around the social-material-self within the 'safe' boundaries of play.